aboutus-2In the summer of 2003 the Anderson brothers began printing custom t-shirts out the back of their Father’s and Grandfather‘s southern California print shop. What began as a fun hobby supplying merchandise to local bands evolved into a passion that led them into a full time gig. Since then, the Tankfarm brand has brightened the doors of America’s most prestigious stores.

Paying homage to three generations of printing that their Grandfather started, all Tankfarm American made t-shirts are tagged with a signature 1950 photograph of their Grandfather, Richard H. Anderson (1930 – 2012).

The Anderson brothers’ latest venture is the Tankfarm & Co. general supply store for today’s gentleman of sport and leisure. It’s based in their hometown of Seal Beach, California. Tankfarm’s aesthetic is classic, educated and rooted in tradition.  The mission of the Tankfarm store is to purvey only goods of high quality materials and construction that will stand the test of time.