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Tankfarm & Co. Fathers Day Gift Guide 2019


            There’s a certain quality about our fathers that follows us everywhere we go in life. Above all else they are a grounded connection to our entire history. They instill in us a particular set of values that are unique to each family, passed on to them by their own fathers, in turn passed to them from their grandfathers. In some instances, it comes in the form of a movie they shared with us at a young age...the ones that you both knew mother wouldn’t quite have approved of if she knew. Or it comes as their favorite record that gets handed down to you, worn out sleeve and all. Other times it happens a lot more inconspicuously, say, the unconscious reasons you prefer one particular type of whiskey over something more top-shelf.
           Fathers, it can be argued, are the greatest story-tellers of all. They tell their stories through the form of all the bits and pieces of themselves that they pass on to us. The pieces that eventually become our own. And let’s just be honest here, there’s nothing more badass than the prospect of inheriting some actual life-worn artifacts from your dad one day...the stuff he carried around in his pockets for decades.
          So yes, take care of your dad for Father’s Day this year with some gifts he’ll be able to  throw through the ringer of life. Suffice to say that you owe him.
Just consider it an investment in your future-self.  
  1. Tankfarm & Co. Air and Sea Tee: Just about sums up the only things he’ll be needing this summer- some beer, a little bit of tackle, and the latest TF & Co. graphics.

  2. Ellington Leather Flask: Voted “Most Likely to Make Your Grandkids Fight Over Who Inherits It” in a totally legitimate international poll.

  3. Daneson Flavored Toothpicks: These Cinnamint and Single Malt flavored toothpicks are the perfect after-meal compliment. Available in our Seal Beach storefront.

  4. Raen Sunglasses: Timeless shapes that work with any style or mood.

  5. Seal Beach Pier Mug: Great for that morning cup o’ joe. Even better if it comes with a splash of whiskey.

  6. Sueded Tees: The softest tee on the planet, and it now comes in a six-pack...just sayin’.

  7. Whiskey And Waves Trucker Hat: Light and breezy for long days out in the sun.

  8. Fight Club Soap: T. Durden approved… but we aren’t supposed to talk about it. Comes in range of scents including Cedar/Tobacco, Sea Salt & Rum, Patchouli, and Sandalwood.

  9. Beer Notes Notebook: The perfect back-pocket companion for when those good ideas start frothing up.

  10. Smooth Like Whiskey Card: Don’t be lazy, write the guy a note this year will ya...full range of cards available at our Seal Beach storefront.

  11. Seaside Boardshort: The new summer standard. Old school fit and construction. Tough and stylish as hell, he’ll be wearing them all the way through summer ‘25.  


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