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CHEERS & BEERS! We are hosting a holiday pop up with our favorite brands. Dec 1 - Dec 24. Good beer, great brands and even better deals!

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Joey’s Everyday Carry

  There are some things you cannot leave the house without.. Now that we are fully submersed in fall, I thought I would share what I carry on a daily basis, as well as my favorite picks from our fall "Call of the West" collection! A. Levi’s 510s…There is no finer pair of jeans on the market… don’t ever let the denim snobs tell you otherwise. I buy one pair a year and wear ‘em every single day for both work and play. PRICE - $50 B. Leather belt with Cowboy Skull buckle… Whether you’re talking boots, wallets, or belts, brown full-grain leather is always the way to go. Forever classic and endlessly versatile. And yes, you can wear a cool buckle without looking like a...

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     The day was spent preparing equipment, loading the car, and studying maps. The sun set and we finalized loading up the car, and started up the engine. As the sky continued to grow darker in the city and only darker still for our destination yet determined, we made our way to the end of my block and up our minds on which direction to take. Our eyes being our map of when we had arrived, and the call of the west moving us forward.

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"CALL OF THE WEST"  Welcoming fall 2018, we have shown our influence in what has called our ancestors west. deep down we all have that uncontrollable itch to be the cowboy that saves the day, or the outlaw that ruins it. this collection keeps that dream alive. expressing our love of the western world, movies and classic americana, we have put together colors, fits and fabrics that paint the picture of the west. no matter where we travel, we are always answering the call of our california roots. but most importantly the "call of the west".   COLLECTION RELEASE - SEPTEMBER 15, 2018.  - THE DUDE (AARON ASHTON, BRAND MANAGER) 

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