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Aaron’s Everyday Carry

         There are some things you cannot leave the house without.. Now that we are fully submersed in fall, I thought I would share what I carry on a daily basis, as well as my favorite picks from our fall "Call of the West" collection! A. My Carrhart Mexican blanket lined jacket. Found in a dusty thrift store in Long Beach, 5 years ago. PRICE - $17 B. Counting Descent by Clint Smith. 74 pages of interesting poems, perfect for fall. PRICE - $8 C. Tankfarm & Co "Call of the West" Navy Corduroy snapback. Available on PRICE - $24.50 D. Tankfarm & Co "Desmond" Flannel. Perfect for the chilly fall weather. PRICE - $72 E. My Keys. But most importantly my Brass "swivel eye" that...

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