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Joey’s Everyday Carry

  There are some things you cannot leave the house without.. Now that we are fully submersed in fall, I thought I would share what I carry on a daily basis, as well as my favorite picks from our fall "Call of the West" collection!
A. Levi’s 510s…There is no finer pair of jeans on the market… don’t ever let the denim snobs tell you otherwise. I buy one pair a year and wear ‘em every single day for both work and play. PRICE - $50
B. Leather belt with Cowboy Skull buckle… Whether you’re talking boots, wallets, or belts, brown full-grain leather is always the way to go. Forever classic and endlessly versatile. And yes, you can wear a cool buckle without looking like a rodeo clown. PRICE- Belt $25/ Buckle $40
C. Tankfarm & Co. Ryker Flannel. There’s a reason I used to shop here long before I worked here, and this flannel is it. They are insanely comfortable and I still wear ones I bought 3-4 years ago. PRICE- $72
D. Tankfarm & Co. Standard Brand Hat in Maroon/White. PRICE- $24.50
E. Knife of unknown origin…I went out one night, completely lost the plot, and woke up with this old knife and one hell of a headache. PRICE- One bar tab that I’d rather not think about.
F. Ray Ban Wayfarer Classics… The forever be-all and end-all of sunglass frames for going on 70 years now. PRICE- $143
G. Brixton Barry Blanket/Poncho…Warm and rugged as they come. Beaten this thing up camping in all sorts of conditions over the years and it still feels like new. PRICE- $80 (but good luck finding them anymore!)
H. Tankfarm & Co. Luck Of the Draw Tee… In my opinion, this is the finest example from the Call Of The West collection of the kind artwork that has made Tankfarm & Co so enduring over the years. PRICE- $32
I. Izola 5 oz Flask… Fits perfectly in your back pocket for a quick nip on-the-go. Your grandkids will fight over who gets to keep this after you pass it on. PRICE- $27 
J. Zippo Lighter… Lighter fluid evaporates out of these things like you wouldn’t believe and sometimes it feels like a real hassle to have to refill it so often. Most of the time though, this little tool is surprisingly useful on a day-to-day basis, even for non-smoker like myself. 
K. Records;
  - JOHNNY CASH LIVE AT SAN QUENTIN: Inarguably the greatest American songwriter of all time. More raw and exciting than At Folsom Prison
LISTEN TO- Wreck of the Old ‘97
 - Bruce Springsteen BORN TO RUN: Growing up, everybody dreams of breaking out of their home-town and finding something ‘more.’ Trust that notion. 
     LISTEN TO- Born to Run (not just because it’s the title track, but because Clarence Clemons plays his saxophone like it’s a damn machine gun)
  - Willie Nelson WILLIE AND FAMILY LIVE: The reasons Willie’s live albums are so great are the same reasons he still sells out massive shows at 85 years old. Enough said.
   LISTEN TO- Stay All Night (Stay A Little Longer)
L. Tankfarm & Co. Brass Bottle Opener/Keychain… $24
M. Steel Rings… They’re heavy as hell and I’ve worn them long enough that my hand/eye coordination is genuinely thrown out of balance when I take them off. So I don’t.  PRICE: $85/ $20